The Disaster Research Center Simulation Studies of Organizational Behavior Under Stress

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Disaster Research Center
Chapter I briefly describes the general research projected in the original technical proposal to the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. The initial theoretical model advanced is set fourth, as well as a description of the laboratory facilities being used. This chapter draws heavily from an internal DRC staff memorandum by Drabek, a theoretical article by Drabek, Haas, Quarantelli and Dynes, and a descriptive brochure by Roth. The original pilot study conducted by DRC in the laboratory is discussed in Chapter II. Observations made of behavioral changes in small groups in high demand situations are reported. This chapter is based on much longer draft report prepared by Mrs. Elaine Hobart, a DRC research assistant, which is intended to be the basis for an article in a professional journal. Chapter III describes the major laboratory research conducted during the whole course of the project, a realistic simulation of an actual police dispatching room. Emphasis is given to the methodology of this unique study, although some substantive findings are also noted. This discussion primarily although selectively summarized the writings of Drabek on the study, including his dissertation, a monograph, several papers and two articles. The next chapter discusses the highlights of a second major laboratory simulation conducted by DRC. Undertaken by Muzzy as part of his dissertation work, the experiment attempted a quantitative test of some hypotheses drawn from a refined version of the original theoretical model used. Preliminary findings are presented.
simulation studies, orgnanizational behavior, stress