The Impacts of Corporate Sponsorship on Private, Nonprofit Gardens and Museums

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University of Delaware
Corporate sponsorship is becoming more widespread as a fund raising effort by private, non-profit gardens and museums. , n this study, the researcher used five Impact Areas to measure how corporate sponsorship influenced the four case study sites. They were policies, finances, programs, staffing, and organizational philosophy. The researcher analyzed results after interviewing and collecting data. Corporate sponsorships did not impact policies; however, as experience is gained with corporate sponsorships, policies directly governing these relationships are expected to evolve. Sponsorships favorably impacted the financial state of the organizations because they are another fund raising avenue. The case study sites relied upon sponsorships to pay for large events and programs. Without this source of funding, programs would be smaller in scale and some programs would be cut from schedules. Staffing at these organizations changed because of corporate sponsorships to include personnel experienced with sales and marketing. Corporate sponsorships impacted the case study sites' organizational philosophy by causing it to focus externally on partnerships with other corporations and non-profit organizations.
Corporate giving, Funding, Fundraising, Financial management, Philanthropy