Upstream mobility and swarming of light activated micromotors

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Materials Advances
Micromotors have been proposed for applications such as targeted drug delivery, thrombolysis, or sensing. However, single micrormotors are limited in the amount of payload they can deliver or force they can exert. Swarms of micromotors can overcome many of these challenges, however creating and controlling such swarms presents many challenges of its own. In particular, utilizing swarms in fluid flows is of significant importance for biomedical or lab-on-chip applications. Here, the upstream mobility and swarm formation of light driven micromotors in microchannel flows is demonstrated with maximum speeds around 0.1 mm s−1. Additionally, the light actuated microrobots operate in fairly low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide of approximately 1%. The micromotors form swarms at the boundary of the locally applied light pattern and the swarms can be moved by translating the light up or downstream.
This article was originally published in Materials Advances. The version of record is available at: © 2023 The Author(s). Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry
Wu, Bingzhi, David P. Rivas, and Sambeeta Das. “Upstream Mobility and Swarming of Light Activated Micromotors.” Materials Advances, 2024, 10.1039.D3MA00814B.