Private Journal of James S. Doran

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University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press
The journal is a personal narrative of James S. Doran who served in the capacity of engineer on several steamships, including the Merrimack, the Thomas Kelso, the San Pelago, and the City of Mexico from May 17, 1866, through April 25, 1872. Doran described some sights and travels in Germany, the Isle of Wight, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and Cuba, and occasionally mentioned current events such as the race riots in New Orleans in 1866 and the completion of the Transatlantic cable in July of 1866. The journal entries consist of engineering and navigational data and life on board. The author also includes personal reflections about ports, the ship, home life, and personal business. Remedies for curing yellow fever and pleurisy as well as some personal financial information are mentioned in some entries. The journal is one paper-covered, bound volume, circa 120 pages, with entries in ink.
Diaries, Marine engineers
MSS 0097, Item 0023, James S. Doran, Private journal of James S. Doran, Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware.