Reporting for Duty? A Synthesis of Research on Role Conflict, Strain, and Abandonment Among Emergency Responders during Disasters and Catastrophes

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Disaster Research Center
The aim of the following report is to provide a systematic and scientific analysis of research on whether or not emergency responders will be willing to report for duty in the case of a catastrophic disaster. Through the report we focus on the prevalence of three of the key issues employees might face during a particularly serious event including: role conflict, role strain and role abandonment. In the discussion that follows, we summarize findings and conclusions from over one hundred reports, articles, documents, and analyses related to these issues. The research is not easy to decipher given the variety of different hazards, methodologies, and foci that researchers have. After careful consideration however; it is possible to draw several conclusions on which we provide more detail in the report‟s body.
Disaster Response, Mental Health, Safety