Chinese Objects Outside of China

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Vimalin Rujivacharakul, Department of Art History, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
This 2017 Chinese Object Studies Workshop examines the illusive genre of “Chinese export objects.” From the late seventeenth to early twentieth century, more than 80 percent of objects from China collected around the world belong to this genre. Despite their worldwide abundance, such objects remain understudied. They are often labeled as decorative art or traded objects, and they are seldom included in the history of Chinese art. Categorizing these heterodox Chinese objects is therefore challenging. This weeklong workshop draws on the depth of Winterthur’s collections and its world-class conservation labs to train graduate students how to closely examine those objects and how to best locate them in relation to global art history.
The Chinese Object Study Workshop is a program generously funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation and administered by the Freer|Sackler Galleries. It provides graduate students in Chinese art history with an immersive experience in the study of the object. The week-long workshops help participants develop the skills necessary for working with objects, introduce them to conservation issues not readily encountered in typical graduate art history curricula, and familiarize them with important American museum collections. For details, please refer to the program website link: NOTE: You may need to use the "Show full item record" button below for an active website link.