Democracy, dialogism, therapy, progressivism, anarchism, and other values in Martin Duberman’s innovative pedagogy

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Dialogic Pedagogy
My essay aims to develop my authorial map-account of Martin Duberman’s various educational paradigms manifest in his experimental seminars at Princeton University, Hunter College, and Lehman College CUNY, 1966-1971 (and beyond) that I abstracted from his claims about his innovative educational teaching. I tried to develop a terrain of educational philosophical paradigms that shaped his goals, judgments, definitions of success, frustrations, and so on, and engage in a dialogic analysis of this terrain. His innovative pedagogy was driven by diverse and often conflicting educational philosophies involving democracy, dialogism, and therapy, among other values. I discuss the synergies and conflicts of these values in Duberman’s pedagogy.
This article was originally published in Dialogic Pedagogy. The version of record is available at:
Matusov, Eugene. 2023. “Democracy, Dialogism, Therapy, Progressivism, Anarchism, and Other Values in Martin Duberman’s Innovative Pedagogy”. Dialogic Pedagogy: An International Online Journal 11 (2):A49-A92.