Three-dimensional stress-strain and strength behavior of silt-clay transition soils

Author(s)Anantanasakul, Pongpipat
Author(s)Intharachart, Phimmawat
Author(s)Kaliakin, Victor N.
Date Accessioned2023-09-07T17:17:45Z
Date Available2023-09-07T17:17:45Z
Publication Date2023-04-10
DescriptionThis article was originally published in Canadian Geotechnical Journal. The version of record is available at: © The Author(s) or their Institution(s).
AbstractThe effect of silt content on the mechanical behavior of silt-clay transition soils under three-dimensional stress conditions is presented. Undrained true triaxial tests with constant b values were performed on normally consolidated specimens of silt-clay transition soils created from the same base clay and non-plastic silt, however, with systematically varying gradations. With increasing amount of non-plastic silt, the cohesive soils exhibit less contractive tendencies, stiffer stress-strain response and larger shear strength. The magnitude of intermediate principal stress, as indicated by the b value, also strongly influences the stress-strain relations, pore pressure behavior and both total and effective failure surfaces. Although the transition soils exhibit overall clay-like behavior, more pronounced frictional characteristics, as indicated by the shapes of the failure and plastic potential surfaces, were exhibited with increasing silt content.
SponsorFunding for this study was provided by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) through Grant TRG5780237. The authors wish to thank Mr. Gong Chaosittichai, former Graduate Assistant of the Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory at Mahidol University, for his assistance in fabrication of the true triaxial apparatus presented herein.
CitationPongpipat Anantanasakul, Phimmawat Intharachart, and Victor N. Kaliakin. 2023. Three-dimensional stress–strain and strength behavior of silt–clay transition soils. Canadian Geotechnical Journal. e-First
PublisherCanadian Geotechnical Journal
Keywordssilt-clay soil
Keywordsshear strength
Keywordssilt content
Keywordstrue triaxial test
TitleThree-dimensional stress-strain and strength behavior of silt-clay transition soils
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