Assembling metal-polyphenol coordination interfaces for longstanding zinc metal anodes

Author(s)Huyan, Yu
Author(s)Wang, Jian-Gan
Author(s)Tian, Shan
Author(s)Ren, Lingbo
Author(s)Liu, Huanyan
Author(s)Wei, Bingqing
Date Accessioned2022-03-14T19:44:56Z
Date Available2022-03-14T19:44:56Z
Publication Date2022-01-11
DescriptionThis article was originally published in EcoMat. The version of record is available at:
AbstractZn metals have gained the immense attention of researchers for their wide employment as the anode of high-performance aqueous batteries. Nonetheless, the Zn anodes suffer from uncontrollable dendrite growth and parasitic side reactions, which substantially shorten the battery lifespan. This study proposes an interfacial assembly of a metal-polyphenol coordination coating on Zn anodes to regulate Zn2+ deposition behavior. Bismush-coordinated polyphenolic ligands (i.e., tannic acid, TA) create a functional interface that could promote Zn's uniform nucleation and plating/striping kinetics. Moreover, the artificial coating acts as a physical barrier to inhibit surface corrosion. As a consequence, the TA-Bi-modified Zn anodes display a small voltage hysteresis of ~38 mV at 1 mA cm−2 over 2600 h and an ultra-long lifespan for 3100 h (~4.3 months) even at a high-current density of 10 mA cm−2. When assembled with a vanadium-based cathode, the full Zn-ion batteries achieve improved electrochemical performance.en_US
SponsorThe authors thank the research supports from the Innovation Foundation for National Natural Science Foundation of China (51772249 and 51821091), Doctor Dissertation of Northwestern Polytechnical University (CX2021065), the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities ((D5000210894 and 3102019JC005). TEM analysis from the Analytical & Testing Center of Northwestern Polytechnical University is also appreciated.en_US
CitationHuyan, Y, Wang, J-G, Tian, S, Ren, L, Liu, H, Wei, B. Assembling metal-polyphenol coordination interfaces for longstanding zinc metal anodes. EcoMat. 2022;e12173. doi:10.1002/eom2.12173en_US
Keywordsartificial interfaceen_US
Keywordslong lifespanen_US
Keywordsmetal-polyphenol coordinationen_US
Keywordszinc anodeen_US
Keywordszinc-ion batteriesen_US
TitleAssembling metal-polyphenol coordination interfaces for longstanding zinc metal anodesen_US
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