2020 KIDS COUNT in Delaware Fact Book: Now & Then

As KIDS COUNT in Delaware celebrates twenty-five years of data and advocacy, this fact book takes a "Now and Then" approach to examine how the well-being of children and families has changed over time within the first state. Beyond demographics, data are grouped into four traditional domains: health, education, economic security and family & community. Within each of the domains, this edition of the fact book includes an overview with data comparing 25-year ago baseline with the most current data available. Additionally, you'll find data visualizations (trend lines, maps, graphs, charts and timelines). Each of the 12 indicators featured in this year's fact book are also pulled out as stand alone "data snapshots."
children, family
KIDS COUNT in Delaware Fact Book. (2020). Newark, DE: Center for Community Research & Service; Biden School of Public Policy and Administration; College of Arts and Sciences; University of Delaware.