A Description And Analysis Of A Radio Station Operation During A Forest Fire

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Disaster Research Center
A large and devasting forest fire swept a central California county one late summer. The fire began in the hills to the east of a city of about 60,000 population on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 22 and, given an easterly wind blowing in from the sea, intially appeared to pose little danger to the city. However, a reversal of the wind direction during the night and morning of the twenty-second and twenty-third spread the fire down the hills toward the city's suburbs. For the next 36 hours the residents of the city were directly threatened by the fire. More than 10,000 persons were forced to evacuate their homes by the evening of September 24. Some seventy-eight homes were actually destroyed by the fire. Danger to the city and suburbs ended by the morning of the twenty-sixth; the fire, however, continued to burn for another five days, not being declared officially out until October 1.
Forest Fire, Radio Station Operation