Leks and Popozudas: How Hip-Hop Influences Black Subjectivities at the Carioca Funk

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Latin American Studies Program, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
The main purpose is to examine how the changing patterns of American hip-hop culture influence the carioca funk. I argue that the international influence of the changing patterns of hip-hop culture in America affected the engagement of bodies, dance, clothing and music in the representation of the “funkeiro”. It did so by over-sexualizing bodies and dances, valuing specific goods and behaviors in the light of its strengthened focus in consumption and incorporating more technology in the production of songs. However, carioca funk culture did not simply reproduce those elements: it preserved elements of Brazilian popular culture in the desire constructed on the black Latin masculine and feminine bodies and the use of elements of samba, pagode and other rhythms of Brazilian culture in dance and music.
Carioca funk, Hip-hop, Brazilian culture, Brazilian music