Professionalism As A Predictor Of Voluntary Participation In Hospital Emergencies

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Disaster Research Center
Following a recent major tornado in the Midwest, five members of the DRC field team landed in the stricken community and began the study of organizational responses to the disaster. It was discovered that one hospital had been heavily involved in the treatment of tornado victims. Entree was gained through the hospital administrator and permission secured to focus on the organization "in depth." In addition to the standard DRC tape-recorded interviews obtained from a purposive sample of hospital personnel, the author received permission to employ a brief, profile questionnaire. This instrument was distributed to all available employees of the organization, and the response obtained provide the data for this report. Items on the questionnaire dealt with variable, suggested by previous disaster research in hospitals, which might be related to the two questions posed above.
Professionalism, Voluntary Participation, Hospital Emergencies