Comparison of approaches to dating Atlantic coastal plain sediments, Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Washington, DC : U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
In this study we characterized and dated a stratified section of middle to late Pleistocene strata exposed in a borrow pit in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We collected sediment, coral, and mollusk samples for the intercomparison of infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL), uranium-series (U-series), and amino acid racemization (AAR) geochronologic methods. This intercomparison is important for independently testing and validating these methods for dating middle and late Pleistocene sediments of the Atlantic Coastal Plain.
Geology and geophysics, Age estimation, Dating, Geochronology, Quaternary period, Gomez Pit, Virginia
Wehmiller, J. F., Lamothe, M. and Noller, J. S. (1998) Comparison of approaches to dating Atlantic Coastal Plain sediments, Virginia Beach, VA, in: Sowers, J. M., Noller, J. S., and Lettis, W. R., Dating and Earthquakes: Review of Quaternary geochronology and its applications to paleoseismology. U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NUREG/CR 5562, pp. 4-3 to 4-31.