Delaware State Parks Youth Conservation Corps Impact Study

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Institute for Public Administration
In coordination with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) Division of Parks and Recreation, the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware conducted an evaluation to determine the impact of the Delaware State Parks Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) programming on 2014–2020 participants. The project consists of a literature review of youth labor programs and environmental employment programs, the development of survey instruments, survey administration, analysis of the survey responses, and recommendations for program enhancements. Overall, the YCC program is a highly performing youth labor program in Delaware. Based on the comparable youth labor programs and environmental youth employment programs as well as data results, the following program enhancements are recommended for consideration: embrace and extend the core youth workforce development benefits of the program, strengthen YCC Alumni relations and networking opportunities, increase racial diversity, and conduct annual and multi-year assessments.
Delaware, Youth Conservation Corps, Survey analysis, Summer youth employment programs