Town of Ocean View 2015 Comprehensive Plan Amendment

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Institute for Public Administration
On March 13, 2010 by Ordinance 266, The Town of Ocean View adopted a complete update of its comprehensive plan. This plan was certified by the governor on October 21, 2010. Following adoption of the 2010 complete plan update, the Town adopted a plan amendment that changed the future land use for a few parcels in the State Route (SR) 26 corridor. This amendment was adopted on April 9, 2013 by Ordinance 301. Section 702(e) of the Delaware Code requires that comprehensive plans be reviewed every five years and completely updated every 10 years. The required five-year review began in 2015, the fifth year following the 2010 complete plan update. In accordance with Section 702(e), the Town has reviewed the 2010 plan (including the 2013 amendment) and has determined that generally its provisions are still relevant, but that several changes to existing land use, future land use, and the annexation area are needed. This Plan Amendment presents these changes.
comprehensive plan, comprehensive town plan, Town of Ocean View, Ocean View, Delaware