Groundwater Monitoring Procedures Part 1: Equipment and Procedures for Manual and Automated Field Measurement of Groundwater Levels in Dedicated Monitoring Wells

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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
The Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) has measured, managed, and distributed groundwaterlevel data for several decades using widely accepted procedures and practices, many of which were derived from interactions with staff of the USGS, consulting firms, and other state agencies. Many of the individual methods and procedures have been described in DGS reports, however, written documentation for these tasks have not been assembled in a single published document. The need for such a document has become more apparent with the development of standards for participation in the National Ground-Water Monitoring Network (SOGW, 2009). This document describes methods used by the DGS for routine manual and automated measurement of groundwater levels in dedicated monitoring wells. Alternative methods used for manual measurement of water levels in other types of wells are noted in this document to provide reference for historical measurements but not described in detail. These methods are excerpted and modified from procedures described by federal agencies and national standards organizations (e.g., ASTM, D4750-2007; Drost, 2005; USEPA, 2007). In this document, the term water levels will be used interchangeably with groundwater levels. Please refer to these and other appropriate documents for additional guidance or contact DGS staff with specific questions. Practices pertaining to data processing and management, metadata, and quality assurance procedures for electronic data are rapidly evolving. Additional sections on these topics will be added to this document as time and resources permit.
groundwater, groundwater monitoring, Delaware, New Castle County, Kent County, Sussex County