Healthy Communities: A Resource Guide for Delaware Municipalities

Walkable communities result from careful planning and community design that provides active living opportunities. The resource guide shows how improving the walkability of a community can lead to environmental, health, and economic benefits. The guide stresses that community leaders can catalyze changes by communicating a compelling vision, identifying and mobilizing stakeholders, nurturing strategic partnerships, and building consensus. With broad-based participation and support, public policies and plans can be developed and implemented for a pedestrian-friendly community. The guide offers strategic tools to develop these policies and plans, provides tips for writing a funding proposal, and lists technical assistance and funding resources. Finally, the resource guide provides examples of recreation programming to promote awareness and use of pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, showcases examples of walkable municipalities in Delaware, and highlights outcomes of the University of Delaware’s Healthy/Walkable Communities Initiative.
Healthy Communities, Walkable Communities, Livable Communities, Pedestrian-Friendly, Mobility-Friendly, Livability, Pro-Pedestrian Policies, Active Living, Infrastructure, Design