Human Behavior in the Mexico City Earthquake: Basic Themes From Survey Findings

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Disaster Research Center
The majority of the social science disaster research undertaken up to the present time has been done in developed countries, although the greatest number of major disasters clearly occur in developing societies. However, in this paper we present findings from a systematic and comparative study done in Mexico, a developing country. While it would be a mistake to automatically assume that responses to disasters would significantly differ in developed and developing countries, the research done might give use some clues as to whether some differences might be attributable to the stages of development of the society involved. Under any circumstance, the work partly meets the argument of those who argue that crisis planning and managing in developing countries can be improved only by studying disasters in those kinds of societies (for some such research but almost all of a case study nature see Clarke et. al., 1989 and Kremier and Munasinghe, 1991, 1992).
Mexico City Earthquake, human behavior