2008 KIDS COUNT in Delaware Research Highlights: Health Insurance

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University of Delaware Center for Community Research and Service, Newark, DE
A number of indicators of children’s health have been collected regularly for each State through KIDS COUNT via the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Many of these indicators represent important health outcomes of children, the focus of this study. The purpose of this study was to undertake a longitudinal assessment of whether differences in the health insurance coverage, especially those rendered through public policies, among states are associated with the considerable variation in the selected health outcomes across states over a period of time. Of special interest was also the linkage between health outcomes and both income inequality and state social welfare policy efforts. Social and demographic variables were used in the study as determinants of health outcomes since they represent either need of or demand for health care, as well as contribute directly to individual health status.
Health insurance, Insurance, Health, Infant mortality, Prenatal care, Teen pregnancy, Pregnancy, Asthma, Unintended pregnancy, Single parenthood
Kids Count in Delaware Research Highlights: The Association Between Health Insurance and Health Indicators. (2008). Newark, DE: Center for Community Research & Service; University of Delaware.