KIDS VOICES COUNT: Delaware Teens Talk to Each Other About Sex and Teen Pregnancy

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University of Delaware Center for Community Research and Service, Newark, DE
Kids Voices Count provides the teen perspective on a controversial subject. This interviewing and writing project was undertaken as a volunteer effort by the journalism students at the A.I. duPont High School, under the supervision of their teacher Mrs. Barbara Roewe. These young people spent several weeks during the spring of 1996 interviewing their peers in Dover and Wilmington on the subject of teen sex and pregnancy. The interviews were conducted with no adults present. They are pleased to present their thoughts on an issue that deeply impacts their lives.
Teen pregnancy, Pregnancy, Sexual activity, Parent-child communication, Education, Sex education, Abstinence, School-based health centers, Birth control, Unintended pregnancy, Abortion, Planned Parenthood
Roewe, B. (1997). Kids Voices Count: Delaware Teenagers Talk to Each Other About Sex and Teen Pregnancy. Newark, DE: Kids Count in Delaware.