100 Hz 512x512 SLEDS system design

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University of Delaware
Infrared (IR) detectors applications are widely used across fields from scientific and military to medical and industrial. IR can detect information that human eyes cannot perceive allowing the advancement in science and technology. ☐ Due to the importance of the infrared detectors in today's world, it is necessary to accurately test and characterize these detectors with a frame of reference related to the application. IR projection systems are a great way to characterize the detectors because they can be used as high accuracy reference. ☐ Described in this work is a 512x512 super-latticed light emitting diode system (SLEDS) operating at a frame rate of 100Hz. This system has been fully developed, tested, and corrected for non-uniformity (NUC). Further work will be done to achieve higher frame rates and two frequencies of emission (colors) instead of one.
Infrared detectors, Super-latticed Light Emitting Diode System