The Chesapeake Bay Girl Sout Council: A Program Appraisal

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Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research
The Chesapeake Bay Girl Scout Council launched a program in 1973 designed to identify any divergence between the goals and methods of the organization and the needs of the girls that they serve. The study began with a community attitude survey dealing with the image of the girl scouts. The results of this work which was accomplished by the Division of Urban Affairs in cooperation with the Council were published in September of 1974. This paper reports the results of the second and third parts of the internal evaluation program. The adult leadership survey was designed to answer a series of questions. Principally these concerned attitudes toward various aspects of the interaction with the scouts, methods of funding, adequacy of training, and a volunteer profile.
The adult leadership survey, Attitudes toward various aspects of the interaction with the scouts, Methods of funding, Adequacy of training, Volunteer profile