Transforming Early Childhood Education in Delaware: Building Foundations of Change

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Delaware Education Research & Development Center
Early education is one of the best investments we can make—the returns for society are measurable. Each dollar spent on early education saves society about $4-$7 down the road in other costs, such as incarceration and Medicaid. Learning doesn't begin when children enter kindergarten at age 5 or 6. Research shows that the greatest brain growth and stimulation occur much, much earlier. Children who enter kindergarten unprepared are often two or three years behind their peers and many never catch up. Without skilled professionals, without stable programs, without proven practices, early childhood care and education will make limited contributions to the state’s vision of a world class education system. However, it appears that what the state expects ECE teachers to know and do is not reflected in how educators are compensated.
A briefing paper presented October 2, 2008, at the University of Delaware’s third-annual Knowledge-Based Partnerships conference "Delaware Education for a Global Economy: Making Vision 2015 Work"
Early Childhood Education, Teacher certification, Teacher salary