Health Equity Requires Advocacy: Rejecting Silence and Individualism for the Sake of Public Health

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Biden School of Public Policy & Administration, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716, USA
Over time, the field and profession of public health has shied away from political engagement and reform efforts, focusing primarily on behavioral models of public health. In doing so, we have inadvertently reinforced radical individualism and inoculated the larger society against suspicion that the structures of our health, economic, and social systems are largely responsible for most health disparities. This commentary examines why responding to Covid-19 related inequities requires much more than monetary public health investments. Significant advocacy efforts are required to address the political determinants of health, and I argue that the field of public health should reclaim its position as a leader of progressive social and cultural change, in the interest of health.
Advocacy, Public Health, Covid-19, Social Justice, Structural Inequity, Individualism
Bogan CN (2022). Health Equity requires Advocacy: Rejecting Silence and Individualism for the sake of Public Health. Biden School J. Pub. Pol, 13, 1-3