1995 Survey of Minority Businesses in Wilmington, Delaware

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Center for Community Research & Service
This report details the findings of a survey of minority-owned businesses in Wilmington, Delaware which was conducted in 1995 by the Minority Business Enterprise Office. This report follows the format of the survey questions themselves. We begin with a look at Wilmington's minority-owned business community by the racial and ethnic backgrounds of the owners. We will then consider the types of business entities owned by minorities in Wilmington, as well as the structure of these businesses and their length of time in business. From there, we will look at the methods of advertisement used by these businesses are, and ascertain the relative size of these businesses by how many people they employ and how much their annual sales volume is, as well as their likelihood of expansion and whether they rent or own their work space. In the final sections of this report, we will look at how Wilmington city government has fared in its dealings with and service to these business through the attitudes of minority business owners about their dealings with the city, city services, and whether or not they use or eevn know about services provided by the City of Wilmington specifically for minority-owned businesses. This report is intended to support strategic planning and development of minority businesses in Delaware. Information about key factors that define the minorty business community in Delaware's largest city is provided in this report. Race/ethnicity of minority business owners, business types and structures, size, and sales volume are just a few of the variables that are examined in this study.
Minority Businesses, Businesses, Wilmington, Delaware, Minority-owned businesses
Bailey, B., & Mooring, S. (1995). 1995 Survey of Minority Businesses in Wilmington, Delaware. Newark, DE: Center for Community Research & Service; University of Delaware.