Economic Benefits and Jobs Provided by Delaware Watersheds

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The water, natural resources, and ecosystems contained in Delaware’s watersheds are an economic engine for the state. These resources provide tremendous economic value to the state and the surrounding region. This report examines that value in three distinct ways: • Economic value directly related to Delaware’s water resources and habitats—Using economic activity as a measure of value, Delaware watersheds contribute over $6 billion in annual economic activity from water quality, flood control, water supply, fishing and wildlife viewing, recreation, agriculture, ports, forests, and parks. • Value of the goods and services provided by Delaware’s ecosystems—Using ecosystem goods and services as a measure of value, the ecosystems of Delaware provide $6.7 billion annually in goods and services in 2010 dollars, with a net present value of $216.6 billion calculated over a 100-year period. • Employment related to Delaware’s water resources and habitats—Using employment as a measure of value, Delaware’s water resources and habitat directly and indirectly support over 70,000 jobs with over $2 billion in wages annually. This does not include the thousands or, perhaps, millions of jobs in companies and industries that rely on Delaware’s waters for their industrial and commercial processes.
prepared for the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
economic benefits, jobs, Delaware, watersheds, basins, Chesapeake Bay, Inland Bays, Delaware River, Atlantic Ocean, economic value, ecosystems services, market value, non-market value