Household Residential Decision-making in the Wake of Disaster: Report of Results Prepared for Oakwood Beach Residents

McNeil, Sue
Trainor, Joseph
Greer, Alex
Mininger, Kelsey
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Disaster Research Center
This report presents the findings of a questionnaire mailed to Oakwood Beach residents during the summer of 2014 focusing on housing damage, decisions, and repair following Hurricane Sandy. Researchers from the Disaster Research Center at the University of Delaware worked to complete this study. As researchers, we were interested in exploring the different elements that influenced how residents decided where to live after Sandy. Little research exists to help explain how households decide where to live after a disaster. Getting better information about how people here made and are making these decisions is important both for this community and for communities that will face these kinds of disaster in the future. We hope that this information will lead to better policies and programs that improve the disaster recovery process.
Hurricanes-Case Studies , Disaster Recovery , Reconstruction , Decision Making