Comparing athletic performance, stability and comfort in athletes wearing the Under Armour(RTM) Blur Cleat in different conditions

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University of Delaware
The AIM of this study was to determine if the addition of elastic taping or a neoprene sleeve alters performance, stability, and comfort in soccer players compared to wearing a soccer cleat without any external support. Twenty male club soccer players were recruited and randomly assigned to the 3 conditions. Functional testing and comfort assessment for each condition took place in one testing session, while stability testing was completed during a separate session. The only significant finding was improved inversion/eversion stability in both the elastic tape and neoprene sleeve conditions as compared to the cleated condition. The addition of tape or a neoprene sleeve did not have an adverse effect on performance or comfort during functional and stability testing, and should therefore be considered as a method to decrease ankle injuries in soccer athletes as external supports provide increased stability in inversion/eversion range-of-motion.