Report for the 2020 Poultry Litter Nutrient Distribution Producer Survey

Abstract: The 2020 Poultry Litter Nutrient Distribution Producer Survey was distributed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA NASS) in Spring 2020. This survey is part of a USDA-funded Critical Agricultural Research and Extension study titled, "Innovative Manure Management Strategies to Promote Phosphorus Balance and Sustain Agriculture on the Delmarva Peninsula." The goals of this study are to: 1) Better utilize poultry litter nutrients as a fertilizer for crop production; and 2) Improve the distribution of poultry litter across the Delmarva and throughout grain producing regions of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Results from this study will benefit farmers and protect natural resources. To learn more about poultry litter or poultry litter co-products, please visit the following link to read Virginia Cooperative Extension publication SPES-187NP:
Poultry litter, Survey