TIMSS-R 1999: An Analysis of the Delaware Science Coalition Data

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Delaware Education Research & Development Center
The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) was conducted in 1995 and was the most comprehensive international study of student performance and schools ever conducted examining fourth, eighth, and twelfth grades. Classroom video data were also collected in Germany, Japan, and the United States. The TIMSS-R conducted in 1999 collected only data for eighth grade students and their schools. This provides longitudinal data for the students in fourth grade in 1995 and eighth grade in 1999. In addition to student performance data in mathematics and science, the study also collected survey data from the students, teachers, and administrators, to provide a context for students’ performance. The survey questions addressed issues ranging from curriculum content and instructional practice to beliefs about learning and issues of school climate. This report provides the data analysis completed with a grant from the Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education. Six research questions were explored: 1. How does Delaware’s student performance compare with other various States and consortia in mathematics and science, in the specific content strands, and on individual assessment items? 2. How is student performance on the TIMSS-R related to performance on the DSTP across students’ ethnicity? 3. How do Delaware students’ beliefs about their education and out of class activities compare with other States and consortia? 4. How do Delaware students describe their classroom experience? 5. How do Delaware teachers compare with other States and consortia? 6. How do teachers and students describe what goes on in their classroom?
TIMSS, mathematics