Basic Issues in Prosecution and Public Defender Performance

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U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice
This report, Performance Measurement for Prosecution and Public Defense, represents the first phase of a long term effort to develop a theory of performance measurement for prosecution and public defense; design and test models for measuring the performance of these two public agencies; and ultimately bring forth a set of measurement principles and guidelines. This first phase addresses solely the theoretical aspects of performance measurement and sets forth a conceptual and theoretical approach for measurement. It defines the scope of the task, the approach that appears most feasible given the complexity and diversity inherent in these public agencies and the utility of performance measurement systems. Once a theoretical base has been established, then it is possible to address the more practical problems of designing and testing measurement systems under actual operating conditions. Thus, this report takes only the first step by providing a foundation for subsequent research.
Performance measurement for prosecution, Performance measurement for defense, Theory, Models, Measurement principles and guidelines