Testing a Model Planning Process at Not-for-Profits A Case Study

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University of Delaware
The case study tested a model planning process, A planning process for Public Gardens and Other Not-For-profits, at the Rehoboth Art League in Henlopen Acres, Delaware. The Art League successfully developed a plan based on the model, providing information for an evaluation of the model's usefulness in the field. Evaluation was based on four major elements of the model: the decision to plan, organizational analysis, goal clarification, and strategy formulation. Components of these elements were derived from the text and used to examine the details of the Art League's planning process. The study determined that the model achieved its goal of providing a framework for planning. The model was useful as a guide and starting point for the Art League's planning process and provided focus and direction for the planning meetings. Recommendations for improving the model focus on clarifying and enhancing concepts in the process and incorporation of additional examples.
Facilities management, Planning, Strategic planning