Mixed-Use Zone Report for the Town of Middletown, Delaware

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Institute for Public Administration
At the request of the Town of Middletown, Delaware, the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware has developed this Mixed-Use Zone Report. This report is meant to be used as an informational tool as town officials consider the creation of a new mixed-use zoning district. This report follows up on IPA’s 2017 Middletown Multifamily Housing Analysis that included a key recommendation for the town to consider creating a new mixed- use zoning district, particularly for larger tracts of land in town and areas near the new Route 301 highway. The new zone would help the town grow in a more sustainable way and respond to the increasing development pressure it has been experiencing recently in part due to the construction of the new Route 301 highway. The new mixed-use zone would facilitate the creation of new pedestrian-friendly and well-connected “town center” areas that are both attractive and accessible to a variety of age groups. Using these new areas as focal points for growth, Middletown can continue to develop in a more cohesive manner with clear central “places” around which to grow.
mixed-use zones, mixed-use planning, town planning, mixed-use zoning district