Delaware School Administrator Funding Analysis

At the request of House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 39 Task Force to Study School District Consolidation the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration conducted an analysis of the historical formulas and current placement of school district administrators across the state. In addition, the project team also examined the key functions of district and building-level administrations in Delaware to determine organizational scope of work.The project scope included the following four items: 1. Examining the current funding formulas for district- and building-level administrators 2. Identifying the number and types of administrators by district and building, including how they are funded 3. Utilizing teacher-, paraprofessional-, student-, and task-related data at the building level to ascertain span of responsibility for districts 4. Identifying administrator funding formulas or guidance from neighboring states including Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and peer states including North Carolina and Tennessee
school administrator, education funding, Delaware education, Delaware education funding