Organizational Response to an Explosion at Medina AEC Base, San Antonio, Texas, November 13, 1963

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Disaster Research Center
The materials presented in this report were secured as part of a "training mission" and should not be construed as the result of a systematic field study. The observations and statements presented are based on semistructured discussions with some of the higher eschelon personnel in each of the local organizations which were signicantly involved in the incident. Because the incident was a case of potential rather than actual disaster, the research effort was deliberately limited to obtaining a general rather than a detailed picture of what had occurred. Thus, the findings are presented as hypotheses rather than conclusions. The report includes a very brief summeary of the events surrounding an explosion on November 13, 1963 at the Medina Facility of the United States Atomic Energy Commission near San Antonio, Texas. Following the description several hypotheses are presented and their significance for organizational planning for emergency conditions is discussed.
explosion, Medina AEC Base, organizational response, San Antonio, Texas