Understanding the barriers to implementing a national sexual health education strategy in Romania

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University of Delaware
Romania has some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in the European Union and is one of only eight EU member-states without a national sexual health education strategy. This coupled with increasing incidences of sexually transmitted infections and HIV, suggests that Romania needs an effective national program to deal with these issues, including a sexual health education strategy. ☐ In 2014, the Ministry of Health attempted to pass a health law that incorporated a strategy for a national policy on sexual education, but opposition was vocal and present, preventing its passing and implementation. Three years later, in 2017, Romania still has alarmingly high rates of teenage pregnancy with no national strategy mandating sexual education as a means of combatting it. ☐ This paper reports on the results of interviews conducted in Cluj-Napoca, Romania during January 2017 to gain an understanding of the problem, barriers that may exist in the implementation of a sexual health education strategy, and other suggestions from professionals on supplemental strategies that can be adopted.
Social sciences, Education, Romania, Sexual health education