Cross Section Of Pliocene And Quaternary Deposits Along The Atlantic Coast Of Delaware

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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
Exploration for sand resources for beach nourishment has led to an increase in the amount of geologic data available from areas offshore Delaware's Atlantic Coast. These data are in the form of cores, core logs, and seismic reflection profiles. In order to provide a geologic context for these offshore data, this cross section has been constructed from well and borehole data along Delaware's Atlantic coastline from Cape Henlopen to Fenwick Island. Placing the offshore data in geologic context is important for developing stratigraphic and geographic models for predicting the location of stratigraphic units found offshore that may yield sand suitable for beach nourishment. The units recognized onshore likely extend offshore to where they are truncated by younger units or by the present seafloor.
Atlantic Coast of Delaware, Pliocene, Quaternary, sand resources, Cape Henlopen, Fenwick Island, beach nourishment, Beaverdam Formation, Omar Formation, Holocene deposits