Ship's log for the snow Susana

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University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press
This volume documents the merchant voyage of the snow Susana on the voyage from Newport, Rhode Island, to Havana, Cuba, from December 21, 1799, to March 20, 1800. The journal is one volume, circa 40 pages with entries in ink that contain navigational data, weather reports, and information about crew duties for the journey. The last few pages also include six pages of personal accounts of work and expenses.
The log is handmade with 10 handsewn folds in heavy paper covers. The cover title is "George Dodds: Day Book for the year 1802 July 6th," however, this title only refers to the ledger portions of the book. The entries for the log book of the Susana have a title page that states, "George Dods [Dodds] his Book: Shipt [sic] on Bord [sic] of the Sno [sic] Susana Capt Aminton Commander Bound to the Havana 10th of Decamber [sic] 1799."
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