ThermoAlign: a genome-aware primer design tool for tiled amplicon resequencing

Author(s)Francis, Felix
Author(s)Dumas, Michael D.
Author(s)Wisser, Randall J.
Ordered AuthorFelix Francis, Michael D. Dumas & Randall J. Wisser
UD AuthorFrancis, Felixen_US
UD AuthorDumas, Michael D.en_US
UD AuthorWisser, Randall J.en_US
Date Accessioned2018-08-06T15:21:32Z
Date Available2018-08-06T15:21:32Z
Copyright DateCopyright © The Author(s) 2017en_US
Publication Date2017-03-16
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AbstractIsolating and sequencing specific regions in a genome is a cornerstone of molecular biology. This has been facilitated by computationally encoding the thermodynamics of DNA hybridization for automated design of hybridization and priming oligonucleotides. However, the repetitive composition of genomes challenges the identification of target-specific oligonucleotides, which limits genetics and genomics research on many species. Here, a tool called ThermoAlign was developed that ensures the design of target-specific primer pairs for DNA amplification. This is achieved by evaluating the thermodynamics of hybridization for full-length oligonucleotide-template alignments — thermoalignments — across the genome to identify primers predicted to bind specifically to the target site. For amplificationbased resequencing of regions that cannot be amplified by a single primer pair, a directed graph analysis method is used to identify minimum amplicon tiling paths. Laboratory validation by standard and long-range polymerase chain reaction and amplicon resequencing with maize, one of the most repetitive genomes sequenced to date (≈85% repeat content), demonstrated the specificity-by-design functionality of ThermoAlign. ThermoAlign is released under an open source license and bundled in a dependency-free container for wide distribution. It is anticipated that this tool will facilitate multiple applications in genetics and genomics and be useful in the workflow of high-throughput targeted resequencing studies.en_US
DepartmentUniversity of Delaware. Center for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology.en_US
DepartmentUniversity of Delaware. Department of Plant and Soil Sciences.en_US
CitationFrancis, F. et al. ThermoAlign: a genome-aware primer design tool for tiled amplicon resequencing. Sci. Rep. 7, 44437; doi: 10.1038/srep44437 (2017).en_US
PublisherNature Publishing Groupen_US
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dc.sourceScientific Reportsen_US
TitleThermoAlign: a genome-aware primer design tool for tiled amplicon resequencingen_US
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