Civil Justice in Delaware: Civil Case Proceeding in Superior Court

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Center for Community Research & Service
The court is charged with dispensing justice in a civil action with the same safeguards that apply to criminal cases. Justice must be delivered and it must be delivered in a timely manner. These concepts are not in contradiction to each other. In fact, they are both fundamental to our system of laws. However, at times, the achievement of one may necessarily detract from the other. And therein lay the rub. How does the court organize its work to meet the demands of both principles? How does it attempt to insure that justice is not only delivered, but delivered without undue delay? In short, how does it strike the balance?
Civil justice, Civil court, Delaware civil court, Case processing, Delaware superior court, Superior court
Yanich, D., & Sullivan, B. (1994). Civil Justice in Delaware: Civil Case Processing in Superior Court. Newark, DE: Delaware Public Administration Institute; Graduate College of Urban Affairs & Public Policy; University of Delaware.