Determination of Track Gage Widening Parameters

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American Railway Engineering Association
Gage widening is a serious railroad track problem related to the condition of the ties and fasteners. Recently, an improved analytical model for track gage widening was developed. This model predicts the response of the rail to applied external loading and the results agree well with laboratory and field test data. This paper summarizes this improved analytical model and presents a numerical computation technique for the determination of the fastener stiffness parameters. This technique, which utilizes static load-deflection test data, permits a closer correlation between the test and analytical results. A set of fastener stiffness parameters for conventional U.S. track is also presented.
External loading, Gage widening
Bhateja, R., & Zarembski, A. M., “Determination of Track Gage Widening Parameters”, International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering, New York, N. Y., May 1981.