Social Support Systems: Some Behavioral Patterns In The Context Of Mass Evacuation Activities

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How are social support systems affected by disaster evacuation, shelter and housing activities? What implications can be derived from the literature in terms of links between disaster evacuation, sheltering and housing, social support systems, and mental health effects: Important as these questions are for planning post-disaster mental health and other services, there are, as yet, no conclusive answers to them. In part, the problem arises because the complexities of the related phenomena have not been addressed systematically. As will be indicated throughout this paper, crucial conceptual distinctions are seldom made. Even what is empirically known is often not well understood because it is not placed under an appropriate label or category. Frequently, these criticisms can be applied to the way the term “mass evacuation” is used by researchers and operational personnel in dealing with disasters.
Social Support Systems, Evacuation Behavior, Shelter Behavior Housing, Mass Evacuation