Kent County Groundwater Monitoring Project: Results of Subsurface Exploration

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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
This report documents the methods and results derived from subsurface exploration, monitoring well installation, and hydraulic testing conducted during the project "Groundwater and Saline Water Intrusion Monitoring Network Infrastructure Improvements: Kent County, Delaware". This project was focused on the aquifers in Kent County that supply water to wells for domestic, public, irrigation, and commercial uses as well as provide base flow to local streams. From shallowest to deepest, they are the Columbia, Milford, Frederica, Federalsburg, Cheswold, Piney Point, Rancocas, and Mt. Laurel aquifers.
Mount Laurel aquifer, Rancocas aquifer, Piney Point aquifer, Cheswold aquifer, Federalsburg aquifer, Frederica aquifer, Columbia aquifer, hydrogeology, aquifers, confining units, hydraulics, geophysical, subsurface, Kent County, Delaware, Dover, Delaware, Smyrna, Delaware, Milford, Delaware