Civil Protection, The New Technologies And Higher Education

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Disaster Research Center
We are at a period of time in history when massive social changes are sweeping the world. Some of the most basic institutions and social arrangements are being basically transformed. An example is the major change occurring in the role and status of women, compared with the position they have had for centuries. This social trend along with others, such as the change almost everywhere to a market type economy, will indirectly affect the nature and quality of future disasters as well as how they can be planned for and managed. However, given the focus of this Forum, we want to highlight three other social trends that will directly impact preparing for and responding to natural and technological disasters. They are: 1. The large scale development of civil protection or disaster management; 2. The computer-based information/knowledge revolution and its effect on that development; and, 3. The changing role of higher education also in that development. This is the written version of the paper presented at the Conference on The Protection of Cultural Heritage held at Spoleto, Italy on June 23, 2000.
Civil Defense, Disaster Management, Computer Technology, Education/School, Disaster Preparedness, Interorganizational Links