Southern New Castle – Northern Kent Counties Groundwater Monitoring Project: Results of Subsurface Exploration and Hydrogeological Studies

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Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey, University of Delaware
The Delaware Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, completed a groundwater-monitoring, infrastructure-construction, and data-collection project in southern New Castle and northern Kent Counties, Delaware. This work, recommended by the Water Supply Coordinating Council and funded by a capital appropriation from the state, addressed data gaps for the shallower aquifers commonly pumped by water-supply wells that serve domestic, public, irrigation, and commercial users and provided additional data to characterize the relationships between the aquifers and streamflow. The aquifers investigated in this study are, from top to bottom, the Columbia, Rancocas, Mt. Laurel, and Magothy. The groundwater-monitoring infrastructure and data created during this project will continue to serve the management and research needs for water resources of Delaware, and lead to additional follow-up projects and technical reports.
Columbia aquifer, Rancocas aquifer, Mount Laurel aquifer, Magothy aquifer, Columbia Formation, Delaware Bay Group, Calvert Formation, Manasquan Formation, Vincentown Formation, Hornerstown Formation, Navesink Formation, Mount Laurel Formation, Englishtown, Englishtown Formation, Magothy Formation, Potomac Formation, Potomac aquifer, Marshalltown Formation, Merchantville Formation, groundwater, water resources, hydrogeology, aquifers, streamflow, geochemistry, New Castle County, Kent County, Middletown, Townsend, Smyrna, Blackbird, Odessa, Blackbird Creek, Spring Mill Branch, Dove Branch