Assessment of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware's Methodology to Determine the Coasts and Cost Rankings of Two Services, Outpatient Surgery and Outpatient Radiology

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Center for Community Research & Service
In 2010, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware (BCBSD) conducted an evaluation of outpatient surgery and outpatient radiology services provided at geographically different sites within the selected Delaware counties. Hereinafter, that BCBSD evaluation will be referred to as “the BCBSD cost study”. The purpose of the BCBSD cost study was to estimate the separate costs of each outpatient services at the different settings and then rank the alternate sites by their costs. Following their cost study, BCBSD signed a contract with the Center for Community Research and Service (UD), at the University of Delaware to engage Paul Solano, Ph.D. to assess the soundness of the BCBCD methodology for determining the separate costs of the two services and the subsequent ranking of the sites according to the determined costs. The present appraisal does not entail cost determination but rather an evaluation of the methodology that BCBSD employed to derive their own cost estimates and cost rankings.
BCBSD, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware, Insurance, Health insurance, Outpatient surgery, Outpatient radiology, Outpatient services, Radiology, Health care, Health costs, Health care costs
Solano, P. (2011). Assessment of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware's (BCBSD) Methodology to Determine the Costs and Cost Ranking of Two Services: Outpatient Surgery and Outpatient Radiology. Newark, DE: Center for Community Research & Service; University of Delaware.