Evaluation Results of the Delaware Challenge Grant Project Lead Education Agency: Capital School District

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Delaware Education Research & Development Center
In 1995, the U.S. Department of Education awarded a five-year Technology Innovation Challenge Grant (TICG) to the Capital School District in Dover, Delaware. This report details evaluation findings from the five years of Delaware’s TICG implementation. The Delaware Challenge project targets elementary school students and employs Lightspan educational software in the classroom on desktop computers and at home on Sony Playstations. The primary focus of this five-year evaluation is to provide information regarding how well the project has met its primary goals: 1. generating more time for learning; 2. increasing parent involvement in their child's education; 3. providing professional development for teachers and other school staff; 4. providing equitable access to technology and the information infrastructure; and 5. improving student learning.
technology, TICG, Lightspan, computer, Playstation