Behavior modeling for hybrid robotic vehicles

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware
The behavior of a certain class of hybrid robotic systems can be expressed using formal languages. In this work, we show how languages can be generated from discrete abstractions of such hybrid systems; that these languages are regular; and they belong to the star free (SF) class of the Sub-regular hierarchy. Planning and control of hybrid systems is typically difficult due to the computational cost involved in predicting the system’s future states, since the states can take infinite values while evolving along the trajectories of continuous dynamics. A discrete abstraction of the hybrid system can reduce these values to a finite number, thereby fascilitating the solution to the reachability problem. Abstraction enables us to focus on planning the system’s overall behavior through controller sequences observed in the abstract system, instead of dealing with the dynamics associated with each controller.
Robotics, Hybrid systems, Formal languages, Abstractions