Healthy Communities: The Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool

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The Healthy Communities Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool is a checklist‐based document designed to aid Delaware municipalities in the process of writing comprehensive plans that emphasize planning for and building healthier communities. This tool is intended for use by local government officials, planning commissions, or other individuals involved in writing or updating their community’s comprehensive plan. By focusing on policy initiatives and urban design guidelines that can increase physical activity and encourage healthier lifestyles, the Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool will ultimately result in comprehensive plans that set the stage for a new era of health‐focused community planning. One goal of this Assessment Tool is to stress that planning for healthy communities is about more than just walkability. There are several elements of community planning and design that contribute to whether or not a particular community fosters healthy lifestyles. Many of these elements are included in the focal item of this document, the Comprehensive Plan Healthy‐ Community Checklist. This checklist provides a user‐friendly format for guidance and review during the comprehensive‐planning process.
healthy communities, comprehensive plan, assessment, planning, local government,